Research Practicum

Through our innovative  group format  and  one-on-one  Research Practicum programs, our faculty participants--with the assistance of our team of highly qualified Teaching Assistants--provide students anywhere in the world the opportunity to produce unique, impactful work product across a catalog of disciplines, aid them in earning recognition for it, and help them to actually apply their knowledge in their community and the world around them.

Program Value

Get timely and customized feedback, guidance and support on academic writing from a highly qualified teaching assistant.

Obtain individualized feedback and evaluation from  a professor, researcher, or scholar from renowned U.S. universities throughout the project.

Academic Writing Guidance

Individualized Feedback

Academic Exposure

Gain exposure to top U.S. college-level academic courses, research methods, analytical writing, and critical thinking through hands-on, research-based projects.

Tangible Outcomes

Produce unique, impactful work product, earn recognition for it, and actually wield it in the world around you.

Win An Award

Win prestigious academic honor and award as well as opportunities for further advancement by completing a high-quality practicum.

Program Structure

  • Subject and methodology courses.

  • Project topic discussion and selection.

  • Project outline draft, review and revision.

  • Research paper draft and completion.

  • Research paper review, feedback and revision.

  • Practicum completion, feedback and further research suggestions.


  • One-on-one practicum: 12 weeks.

  • Team-based practicum: 10-12 weeks.

Diversified Subjects 

Scholar Launch provides challenging and creative practicum opportunities across a wide range of disciplines.

  • Humanities

  • STEM

  • Social Sciences

  • Art

  • Business

  • Law / Political Science

  • Interdisciplinary Studies