Work directly with professors and professionals from hundreds of the world's leading universities, companies, and other centers of scholarship.

Beyond Research. Beyond Yourself.


Scholar Launch offers both one-on-one and small seminar format opportunities for students to engage in graduate-level learning and produce publishable or otherwise impactful work product under the tutelage of an instructor who has taught or led at  one of the world's pre-eminent learning centers through three programs:

  • Research Practicum™

  • U.S. College Writing Seminar

  • Global Internships 

These programs span dozens of academic disciplines and industries, and focus on high level skill-building while producing extraordinary tangible achievements.



By focusing not just on research, but on the tangible impact a student can effectuate with the opportunity presented, past Scholar Launch students have completed extraordinary projects ranging from publishing papers to obtaining patents,  founding start-ups and non-profits, creating curricula, and developing apps. 


They have earned accolades from professors, peers, and institutions in the form of hundreds of Letters of Recommendation as well as features and prizes in peer-reviewed publications, competitions, and in their local communities. You can find a Scholar Launch alumni at almost every top-ranked U.S. university.


Scholar Launch hosts several Academic Conferences and Symposia in various fields in order to provide students with the opportunity to present and defend their work to a community of scholars. 

Panels comprised of faculty and administrators from U.S. universities as well as industry experts evaluate student submissions, and guide students in collaboratively workshopping their ideas to maximize their potential.  

Throughout and at the conclusion a series of qualifying stages, students may earn prestigious academic honors and awards and opportunities for further advancement.



Scholar Launch was founded by a cadre of educators and professionals from hundreds of the world’s most esteemed universities, companies, and other centers of learning. We are committed to teaching and mentorship in order to launch the next generation of scholars, leaders, and global citizens into their futures prepared to adapt and flourish.